What is BIMachine and why you should integrate it with your CRM



After hiring, PipeRun will also feature integration with the robust business intelligence and analytics solution to strengthen sales intelligence.

The BIMachine is a gaucho company developing a complete platform for building analytic applications (Analytics) in the cloud (Cloud). It has more than 5 thousand users and more than 5 million activities already performed since its launch.

The company’s objective is to have a tool to monitor all phases of its sales, which involve prospecting, sales and post-sales, as well as the life cycle of its products and services.

After all, with increasingly demanding customers and a very competitive market, it is necessary to use all accessible technology to be able to sell more and better. And this is the objective of BIMachine in all its application stages.

With the integration of BIMachine with your CRM Online, such as PipeRun, it is possible to have control of the business process from beginning to end. This is how the so-called Business Intelligence works.

In this article, we’ll talk about what BIMachine is and how it works. Also, know the importance of having it integrated into your sales system in order to scale your business’ commercial operations.

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The Importance of Business Intelligence in Sales

Among the possibilities for companies that the so-called  Business Intelligence offers, we have separated 3 main ones so that we can understand a little about their performance.

  1. Identify higher profit customers – rank them and focus on who will buy the most from you. Have in BI excellent support for decision-making in your strategies, both in the sales routine and in attracting customers ;
  2. Manage sales – your sales management is positively impacted. It is possible to have greater precision when promoting products, controlling inventories and focusing on what is most profitable for your business;
  3. Marketing strategies – inbound marketing or outbound, it doesn’t matter. BI helps your lead generation strategy to be increasingly assertive, focusing on the ideal customer profile for your company.

Knowing what BIMachine is

BIMachine is a 100% Brazilian Analytics SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. It is complete and scalable for creating Cloud business intelligence applications.

With the platform, it is possible to develop, approve and offer analytical applications for the most diverse segments and sizes. Founded in Lajeado (RS) in 2005 and with a branch in Porto Alegre (RS), the company continues to expand its national presence.

This happens with partnerships with IT consulting and ERP development companies that complement their offerings, integrating BI with their other services and products.

“ BIMachine partners can create Analytics applications and use them embedded or integrated in their solutions. In this way, it expands its offerings to the client portfolio, starting to have more competitive products in its market and, consequently, with new sources of revenue ”, explains Douglas Scheibler, Executive Director of the company.

Why use?

Agility is one of the main strengths of a project with BIMachine. In just a few weeks it is possible to load the data and leverage your operations.

Another positive point is that it is collaborative – users are always up to date with business information on the platform.

With periodic feedback meetings, it is always possible to have assertive processes with the data that BIMachine offers – and this will be reflected in the relationship with the end customer.

BIMachine + CRM PipeRun: partnership for the customer to win

“The integration of platforms opens new doors, as it makes it possible to control the entire sales process. It is possible to carry out the integration with the company’s billing or default, for example, through BIMachine. This way you will be improving the entire sales cycle ”.

This speech by Scheibler is a good example of what happens in the integration between the two platforms. And along this same line, Augusto Fleck, Technology Director at BIMachine, follows.

“With the implementation of PipeRun, we were able to leverage our commercial templates, as we have the management of metrics for SaaS companies that work with recurring monthly fees (MRR). Thus, we took advantage of all the resources of our BI-Analytics”, he analyzed.

With the implementation completed, all BIMachine sales channels will be able to offer BI properly integrated with PipeRun sales CRM. This will be done via native API, a model that goes beyond the customer-supplier relationship and expands the possibility of business between companies.

Ease of implementation of CRM PipeRun

For Douglas Scheibler, the ease of implementation and the PipeRun differentials were two of the most positive points for this integration to be possible.

“The solution’s high adherence to our needs, as well as the ease of implementation, made possible by the PipeRun team, were differentials in comparison with other solutions on the market,” he said.

“Another important factor was the possibility of automated migration of all data from our old CRM system and the integration with our automation tool”, he added.

The executive also highlights the possibility of connecting directly, via App, BIMachine itself to CRM PipeRun.

“Now, in addition to using CRM, we use the full potential of our BI tool and with this, we start to support our sales channels even more”, he exalted.

PipeRun BIMachine Integration

Electronic submission and acceptance of proposals via PipeRun

For PipeRun’s Technology Director, Osvaldo Gehm, the CRM facilities have enabled client companies to grow in commercial management.

“BIMachine was implemented in less than 30 days”, he highlighted. “And one of the differentials, in addition to data migration, native integrations via API, I believe is the issuance of automated proposals with electronic acceptance. This module will make sales of the entire partner network even more agile”, he added.

With the integration between BIMachine and CRM PipeRun, you have much more assertive strategies. Plus, you can focus on what really matters: selling more and better and taking care of your customers.

So, how can we help you?

If you have any questions about how the integration between BIMachine and PipeRun works, talk to a consultant.

To learn more about the BIMachine solution, access the website by clicking here.

Enjoy and read our article that talks about the importance of Artificial Intelligence in sales.

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