“The Intelligent Investor”, The Intelligent Investor: Review of Benjamin Graham’s Book

“The Intelligent Investor”

If you are looking for good reading for yourself or you want to give a book as a gift if you have arrived here it is because you want to read a review on the book “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham.

I state that it is a good book, so if you want to buy it I think it is a great choice.

However, keep reading – you will find the summary of this essay.

The Smart Investor: plot and 9 m \summary

The Intelligent Investor (whose original title is The Intelligent Investor) is an essay in which the author illustrates his technique for investing. It is a volume published for the first time many years ago, that is in 1949, but it has not lost its charm for this.

In fact, it is one of the classic texts of the school of thought known as value investing, regarding equity and bond investments.

This school of thought was born in the 1930s around the figure of Benjamin Graham, who at the time was a professor of finance at Columbia University in New York.

It is a very current book despite not being very recent, so much so that even Warren Buffett has called it the best book on investments that has ever been written.

The philosophy of “value investing”

This philosophy protects the investor from the most common and serious mistakes, teaching them to develop long-term strategies. This is why it has become a text that is a. true point of reference, also because, with the passage of time, these notions have proved successful.

Obviously, new re-editions have been published with updated comments, while trying to keep the integrity of the original text safe. This allows you to add value, contextualizing what is said today.

The reviews of those who have read it

The reviews are mostly positive, as you could easily see by reading the net. Many are prejudiced against this text, due to the fact that it is an outdated essay.

However, as already said, the concepts developed by Graham in his theory are very fresh and current, easily implemented even today.

This is also made possible thanks to the fact that the reprints have included comments and adjustments that have been proposed to facilitate the interpretation of what has been said.

The updated comments are a very appreciated note by those who have bought the book, precisely that they give value to contents that already taken on their own can enrich the baggage of investors who have decided to read this great and inevitable classic, indispensable for those who are starting to invest … but also for those who have been doing it for a long time and want to improve.


To read or not to read “The Smart Investor”? Personally, I am a lover of books and I do not miss the opportunity to enrich my library with quality reading.

This, then, is a classic text that must not be missing on your shelves: it could offer you a broad, always valid and current vision of the world of investments, you could discover the constants that characterize the financial markets and become a true ace in developing your own strategy.

I always recommend reading and studying: money spent on books is always well spent, especially when it comes to having one of the cornerstones of financial literacy in your hands: it is the bible of economics and finance.

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