Sales system: what is it, why have it and how to choose the best one?

Sales system:

sales system


  1. How to choose the best sales system for your business
    • Can it be used by my entire sales team?
    • Can I have my clients registered within this system?
    • Does this sales system help me to prospect customers?
    • Can I have integrations with other tools I use?
    • Sales Funnel: Can I Create More Than One?
    • Can I send emails and proposals quickly?
    • If I miss an activity, will this system notify me?
    • Is it possible to analyze the performance of my sales team?
    • Do I need to pay a lot for this sales system?

Choosing a sales system  for companies is not an easy task. It is first necessary to understand what the pains of your business really are and have them mapped.

Then, knowing what you need, you need to go after the solution to automate the sales process that reduces costs and increases the productivity of the entire sales team.

But, how do you know which aspects to take into account when choosing a sales system? What to prioritize? How do you know if this will really help you in your daily life?

These are questions that, in this article, we help you answer. The purpose of this text is to help you understand what is needed to improve the business process. So, only later, start making an assertive decision on a system so that you can sell more and better, ok?

Come on?

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How to choose the best sales system for your business

Okay, you already know that you need some points better in your sales process. You have identified where you have the most difficulties and are now looking for a solution to resolve these issues. But the problem now is figuring out what exactly you need.

Therefore, to facilitate this mission, we have selected some questions that you should consider when defining which sales system your company will use.

Can it be used by my entire sales team?

It might seem obvious. But it’s important to make sure the sales system you’re quoting allows your entire sales team to use.

Hiring a tool that has a limited number of users will bring a headache to your company. After all, instead of helping, it will disrupt your entire sales management, in addition to decentralizing information.

Also, remote access is very important. Your company may have sales representatives in other cities. If you hire a sales system installed on a local server, it will make it impossible for employees to work outside your headquarters.

Can I have my clients registered within this system?

Another important factor, especially for those who are used to organizing themselves through spreadsheets, is the registration of customers.

If you are looking to improve your business process, choose a system where it is possible to have, in a centralized and intuitive way, the registration of your company’s customers.

Thus, you avoid having duplicate data, information exchanged and, for example, you can update a record in a faster and more practical way.

Checking the email and telephone number of those who buy your product or service cannot, therefore, be a headache. With a few clicks, having data on your computer screen is what you’re looking for, right?

Does this sales system help me to prospect customers?

More than optimizing your sales process, try to go further when choosing a system for your sales team.

Helping in prospecting is something important and that a good CRM software can do, for example. With it, it is possible to attract new customers. (Okay, but wait a minute, what is CRM anyway?

After all, with information present in it, it is possible to anticipate trends and the needs of potential customers. Knowing the profile well, it is then possible to adjust the prospecting strategy – you are not going to target those who do not have to do with your business, right?

Can I have integrations with other tools I use?

Sales systems such as CRM can have integrations with ERP (which help in the financial control of companies).

Do you use or intend to use marketing software? Make sure, then, that it is possible to pass the captured lead directly to your CRM – also via integration, especially if it is through an  open API .

Sales Funnel: Can I Create More Than One?

Does the system you are quoting allow for the creation of multiple funnels? To limit you to a single sales funnel is to limit your sales power and your company’s growth.

It is important that you have not only the sales funnel and its steps (how many you prefer), but also, for example:

  • marketing funnel – manage leads, with integrated tools as in the item above, or with blog and integration via Facebook ;
  • pre-sales funnel – manage inbound and outbound , qualifying the generated leads , preparing them for the sales funnel;
  • success funnel – manage deliverables and projects with a history of proposals and contracts to support the mission.

Do you know how to build your company’s sales funnel? In this free eBook we show you how easy it is!

Can I send emails and proposals quickly?

Often the conversation with potential customers takes place only by email. That’s why it’s important to keep track of all the negotiations, all the exchanges of messages, isn’t it?

Therefore, opt for a sales system that has stored all the conversation history between the salesperson and the prospect . Thus, your sales team avoids repeating any action already taken with this lead. More than that, he manages to act more assertively, showing that his company pays attention to him.

If I miss an activity, will this system notify me?

If you are looking for a solution for your company because you have many business opportunities and do not know how to deal with them, this is an important point.

Salespeople are still human beings and, because of that, it is perfectly normal that one or another business ends up being left out.

Therefore, a CRM that warns about the stagnation of opportunities is essential so that no sales are lost, or no leads go cold. That way you don’t lose any sales for lack of action.

Is it possible to analyze the performance of my sales team?

Emails, calls, proposals, opportunities (won and lost)… all of this organized in reports , by seller or by action, is it something you are looking for for your company?

Because a good sales system like a CRM allows complete reports to analyze the performance of the entire sales team. Thus, you identify bottlenecks and can improve your sales process much faster.

Do I need to pay a lot for this sales system?

Having the important items for the sales management process , it is easier to know if you will pay dearly or not for the system you are looking for.

If the software you have budgeted limits you in some of these items, it may be that, even paying cheaper, you will have your growth pruned by the tool.

If you found everything you wanted, there are some questions to consider. Want two examples? Support (in Portuguese is essential) and the currency in which the monthly fee will be paid. For Brazilian companies, it makes much more sense to pay Reais. After all, you won’t be subject to exchange rate fluctuations, will you?

So, how can we help you?

Enjoy and read the PipeRun sales blog article about what a sales playbook is and how you can make one for your company.

If you have any questions about your business’ business process, speak to a consultant today.

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