Prospecting for clients: what it is and 5 tips on how to prospect clients

Prospecting for clients

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  1. What is prospecting for customers?
    • Why is good prospecting a half sale, especially in B2B sales?
  2. 5 tips on how to prospect, customers, more assertively
    • Know where to prospect customers
    • Offer solutions, not just products
    • Build a reference image
    • Ask your customers for referrals
    • Use technology to your advantage

Discover the importance of prospecting and its impact on making sales. Know what to consider for list building and qualification.

The process of prospecting customers , when done in an optimized way by companies, is halfway for a successful sale.

But this is by no means a simple task. Also because it involves a process where many steps need to be completed.

The prospecting customers demand sales efforts. They must be targeted to the audience that is best suited and prepared to purchase your products.

However, when the job is done well, the chances of selling grow. Quite.

After all, the mission of the pre-sales and sales teams is much easier.

But how can this task be done in the best way? We have separated some tips for you to do this without a headache in your company’s day-to-day.

Stay with us.

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What is prospecting for customers?

Prospecting customers is the act of getting closer to the persona of your business. And this occurs through different types of strategies.

The aim is to gain your trust. After all, she needs to advance through the stages of her sales funnel.

As a result, you know, right? You are buying the product or service that the company sells.

First, it is necessary to get the ideal customer profile right . This is the first step to be able to sell more and faster.

Plus, it’s something that will make any strategy far more effective.

Then, it is necessary to identify, among these potential buyers, who has the best fit. Once this is done, the pre-sales team, usually in the figure of the SDR , comes into practice.

This professional will be responsible for qualifying the lead. It will act to find out if he is interested in buying. Also, if you are sure of your choice.

Only after all this does the closer take action. Closer is the seller responsible for sealing the sale.

Why is good prospecting a half sale, especially in B2B sales?

It is part of good prospecting to generate a list of leads. It needs to be molded from the purchase profile of the products offered.

These contacts can be brought together by either the salesperson or a sales team.

After generating the list, the job of qualifying the prospect is done . This is analyzed when it will be opportune to present the product.

When contacting the buyer, it is verified that:

  • he is able to buy;
  • the added value to the product is tailored to your needs.

It is crucial to be aware of the aforementioned points. Only then will the seller have strategic arguments to justify the acquisition.

All these precautions with the prospect help in the progress and closing of negotiations.

You and your team need to keep this in mind. The buyer is looking for information about you. And you want to clarify any doubts you have.

Consequently, prospecting is part of the sales between the lines.

When that job is done well, then yes. 50% of the sale will be forwarded.

B2B sales use prospecting to get closer to customers.

The customer can more clearly identify the product or service. He sees its value and sees, in the seller, someone consulting.

As a result, in this scenario the chances of a sale are greater.

Here the role of analysis performed by the SDR grows. He’s the one who will filter the prospects and guide you – or not – forward on the journey.

5 tips on how to prospect customers more assertively

To help you in the process of prospecting for customers, we have some tips. In this way, capturing customers does not have to be a headache for any manager or marketing team.


1 – Know where to prospect customers

The first step to get your hands right in prospecting for clients is, in addition to knowing the client’s profile, in which market you will operate. More than that, it is necessary to understand how this market is at the moment.

It really is necessary to know in depth how the competitors act, how the public behaves, the opportunities and weaknesses that lie ahead.

A good way to do this before starting to prospect a client is to perform a SWOT analysis .

2 – Offer solutions, not just products

Products all have. But solving the customer’s pain, acting on the root of the problem, not everyone can. Or, if they can, they don’t know how to communicate it. And that’s where prospecting for customers starts to fail.

In an increasingly connected world, consumers are much more demanding. The information is accessible to everyone and, obviously, the prospect is aware of who your company is.

Therefore, from the beginning, it is necessary to generate value for potential customers. The strategic planning must understand actions for this, from the marketing to the sales pitch.

It is necessary to be didactic when informing how the product or service sold works for problem A, B, C, etc. Don’t be afraid to communicate thinking that your competition might then copy you. Who is an expert is you, not others.

3 – Build a reference image

Here is the time for the marketing team to act. Outbound strategies do work, but here is the time for inbound marketing to take action – the so-called content marketing.

The company needs to show that it is an expert in what it does. It is necessary to talk about the entire market in which it operates, creating blog content, rich materials, webinars, among others.

Prospecting for customers

You need to impress your potential customers. Awaken interest in them so that they fill in your registration form, giving name, email, telephone, among others.

After that, it’s time for pre-sales to take action to qualify you to then buy, as we said above.

4 – Ask your customers for referrals

Maintaining a good relationship with the customer is essential for several reasons. But one of them is to ask for indications from new potential consumers.

Always stay close to your customers and ask them for referrals from companies or people who have similar pains before they, of course, hire you.

It is one of the cheapest ways to prospect customers, positively impacting the CAC . You’ll spend less money, after all, you don’t need to have directly attracted this potential customer – your current one did the job for you.

5 – Use technology to your advantage

Technology is a vital ally for the correct prospection of customers. It is through it that companies support any marketing strategy, even cold calling , when the customer has not even shown interest in the brand.

The basic thing is to have a responsive website, with a fixed form visible on every page. Active, attractive and available social networks are also important.

Within this idea, chatbots or online chats are fundamental for it to be possible, immediately, to generate value for people. They quickly resolve doubts and are able to feel more relaxed about the company and the product and/or service offered.

Marketing automation tools work great for mass email triggering. Lead buying platforms can also help, although you need more work to qualify them and turn them into customers.

With the leads generated within CRM Online , it is much easier to fulfill all the stages of the sales process to obtain the best commercial results.

So, how can we help you?

If you have problems prospecting customers or dealing with the leads generated: TALK TO A CONSULTANT .

Also, enjoy and read two articles that can help you in your daily life.

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