Power BI: what it is, application and benefits for companies

Power BI

Power BI


  • Understanding what Power BI is
    1. More power for business management
  • Power BI: benefits and applications? See 3 situations!
    1. 1 – In marketing
    2. 2 – For support
    3. 3 – In sales
    4. 360° view

The Power BI exists to make life easier for businesses that need to analyze data and make decisions faster and more assertive as possible. Sales, marketing, finance… it doesn’t matter.

Whatever the sector of your business, its application is necessary. After all, let’s face it: we must always be more effective every day.

Technology impacts our lives – and consequently our customers’. The demand, therefore, only grows.

Therefore, combining tools is without a shadow of a doubt a good practice in business management – ​​and you need to be clear about this.

It is in this sense that Power BI acts, making the task of managing the business efficiently. And this is independent of segment or size.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at your concept and how it works – especially in sales. We will still talk about the benefits of its application in an organization’s routine.

This way, you will be able to know whether or not it makes sense for your business.


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Understanding what Power BI is

We can understand Power BI as a collection of software and application services that, connected, work together.

BI, by the way, stands for Business Intelligence. Or, in good Portuguese: Business Intelligence. The result of this union is coherent, organized, and accurate information.

Dispersed and unrelated data that companies have across multiple platforms and also across business sectors are related and unified.

Its origin, in fact, refers us to a set of practices within Excel. It started with the table data filter.

These numbers were worked out before turning a graph – you certainly have some familiarity with this. However, this practice was spreading and became a service created by Microsoft.

What was once done by the human hand now has technology at work. Whether it numbers in a spreadsheet or given in any other tools, Power BI allows you to connect all sources.

And it helps decisively in visualizing, discovering, measuring, improving and sharing what’s relevant with whoever you want.

More power for business management

If a person can benefit from these practices, companies also have a lot to gain. Even more in B2B businesses, which are mostly more complex and require fast decision making and always assertive.

Power BI allows for extensive customization. And this is essential to have metrics and analytics always in real-time.

The strategic planning of any business can and should be based on these practices, as well as the performance evaluation of any professionals in all areas.

After all, the report will always be complete with the integration of different platforms, mapping all the processes of an industry.

Another way to apply it to the work routine is the fact of having resources that support machine learning and IoT.

In these ways, relevant or even discrepant data will never go unnoticed. Positive and negative trends and detours, for example, will always be on the managers’ radar.

And this is essential for a company’s health. Webinar: Want to know better how Power BI works within companies when selling? Click here!

Power BI: benefits and applications? See 3 situations!

Management. Sharing. Measurement. Analyze. These are all words that surround Power BI and its possibilities with organizations.

This administrative management is even easier because it can centralize information – which gives a panoramic view of what is relevant to the business.

Because of this, it proves to be extremely useful in sales, marketing, support, finance, among others.

In a single dashboard, you integrate multiple platforms and apps that are relevant to your business. Thus, you create charts, charts, and everything else that needs to be analyzed.

Thus, it is much simpler to deal with processes and their eventual bottlenecks, being easier to identify and resolve them.

But after all, what other benefits can we highlight with its use?

  • The connection between numerous data sources – Connect software, spreadsheets, websites, among other databases;
  • Local or cloud environment – adaptable infrastructure for both environments;
  • Easier creation of reports – dashboards and key indicators for more assertive and intuitive management;
  • Corporate mobility – Access from both desktop and mobile, being able to follow and make decisions anywhere.

What about your applications?

1 – In marketing

Inbound marketing campaigns are often long, complex, and require end-to-end care. From the content created to the strategy for attracting customers.

Therefore, Power BI plays an important role. Once again we return to the essential factor: monitoring. Trends, behaviors, market segmentation …

What is relevant for you to be even more successful in lead generation? Or better: where are the best opportunities for an upsell and cross-sell?

With assertive reports, you calculate the ROI of your actions. Measure the CAC obtained and see if it is worth following the strategy or changing it.

Constant improvement with all the data related to your campaigns: that’s what you need.

Power BI and marketing

2 – For support

Customer service is and always will be a concern of all companies – even those SaaS.

Optimizing the support process is a daily pursuit – and with Power BI it is possible to raise the quality of support offered.

This occurs with the recording of each customer interaction, which helps teams to notice closed tickets, monitor performance, usage statistics for a service contract with the company, among others.

This way, it is much easier to have a much more assertive SLA and to contribute so that the customer is constantly delighted with the brand.

Which, let’s face it, is essential for a financial impact on the company. Churn is expensive and you certainly want to avoid them, right?

We can also think of Power BI applications for finance, IT, operations, and many others.

3 – In sales

Technology to monitor and improve processes is especially important when referring to the sales process.

Even because, without being able to sell more and better, how can any company grow, right? Therefore, Power BI helps with something that is essential: being customer-focused.

And this is done through the analytics intelligence put into practice when selling. Monitoring metrics with platforms integrated into your CRM makes it much easier for sales teams to achieve their goals and objectives.

In fact, opt for a sales system that has an open API, being possible to integrate it with any tool in the world.

The performance evaluation of the performances of sellers and SDR, for example, are much more visual and didactic.

Power BI in sales

360° view

In fact, you can monitor the entire journey of the buyer persona, from conversion (becoming a lead) to the signed contract (becoming a customer).

See different stages of the sales funnel and be aware of where your conversion rate is above or below what you want.

Whether in stages of the pipeline, whether in product output, operating regions, among others.

Because of this in real-time, it is possible to decide much more instantly on what needs to be done for a course correction, for example.

It is essential even when you are planning your sales. What else went right this year? What didn’t work?

This way, you get what really matters in sales: improve processes, generate value, ensure customer success.

All of this will help you to sell more, better and consequently grow faster and healthier.

So, how can we help you?

If you were in doubt about this article or want to know how CRM PipeRun helps companies have complete monitoring of the entire customer journey, talk to a consultant.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you understand the impact of technology on your business.

The first talks about having complete sales control within companies every day.

The second addresses the role of Artificial Intelligence in sales.

Good sales!

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