How to sell over the phone? 5 tips to use today

How to sell over the phone?


  1. 5 tips for you to understand how to sell over the phone
    • 1 – Structure the business process
    • 2 – Take advantage of marketing information
    • 3 – Generate empathy immediately when selling
    • 4 – Have technology as an ally
    • 5 – Don’t give up on leads that didn’t turn into customers

Selling over the phone is one of the best ways to deliver customer value, reduce costs and accelerate business results within companies. Therefore, knowing how to perform this activity and following some tips is essential for any business.

The way of relating to customers has changed a lot in recent years. Technology has taken on a fundamental role – and this can no longer be ignored.

Of course, the seller’s presence is vital and always will be. But the way to sell is not the same as it was a few years ago.

The world changes and, consequently, the profile, requirements and habits of customers accompany this transformation.

So, stop and think: if they’ve changed, it doesn’t make sense to keep past practices, especially in sales, right?

And it is within this context that knowing how to assertively sell over the phone grows in importance.

Generating value for those who listen to you, understanding the “pains” and knowing how to guide those who came to the company: that’s what we’re talking about.

In this text, we share with you some tips on how to sell over the phone without any hassle.

These are some steps to understand the customer, overcome objections and, of course, accelerate sales.

Come on?

Good reading?

5 tips for you to understand how to sell over the phone

Knowing how to sell over the phone is to fully adhere to the inside sales model. This brings advantages to companies, especially in terms of operating costs.

After all, when organizations adopt this “style”, the salesperson has much more time to be a consultant.

To listen to what the prospect needs and adapt the sales pitch to generate value for him.

And it can be replicated more times in the same day. After all, there will be no concern with displacements, physical presentations, among others.

Therefore, the need to understand how to sell over the phone is growing.

We have separated 5 tips for you to perform this function in the best way possible.

But, don’t forget to:

  • Identify what type of customer you are dealing with;
  • Analyze the type of negotiation you are facing;
  • Find mental triggers to close the sale;
  • Perform the follow-up to ensure the business.

That said, let’s get to tips on how to sell over the phone?

1 – Structure the business process

It’s the basic, essential item, but it needs to be said. No phone selling strategy will succeed without a truly structured sales process.

And it needs to be thought out to ensure customer success from the first to the last contact. That’s why pipeline management is so important in these cases.

Set up your sales funnel with all the steps necessary to prospect, nurture, qualify, sell, and ensure the best possible experience for those who have purchased from you.

  • Which team or people will be responsible for which steps in the funnel?
  • How many contacts will it take for the salesperson to approach the lead?
  • What resources will be used in the mission to attract customers?

All this needs to be thought out and structured. And, of course, constantly revised in order to reduce as much as possible the company’s sales cycle.

2 – Take advantage of marketing information

How to sell via phone? With marketing and sales together!

Companies that apply inbound marketing strategies can have the actions and interactions that the lead made with the brand mapped.

Detailed information of the potential customer’s profile and interest is also registered with the marketing automation tools.

And this helps the sales team a lot to know exactly what to focus on in the sales pitch.

The power of persuasion will be much greater at the time of demo connection.

After all, the prospect will have already realized that the company is worried about their “pains”.

Look: marketing has already provided him with content that helps him – eBooks, videos, articles that meet his needs.

He is therefore open to listening to what the seller has to say. Susceptible to what the closer has in hand as a solution.

This is B2B sales, which are more complex and generally involve more than one decision-maker, is essential to be successful at this time.

3 – Generate empathy immediately when selling

Yeah, well.

The presale qualified the lead.

The SDR set the agenda.

The prospect is therefore ready to hear how exactly the solution sold will work for him.

It’s time for the seller to take action, of course. But to be successful in how to sell over the phone, you must immediately generate empathy with those who listen to you.

He needs to feel what the potential customer has to say.

Hear about the goals, the existing budget, the management issues… feel the “pain” that exists.

Without empathy, there is no trust. The prospect distances himself from the seller and there is no way to close the deal.

The seller needs to put himself in the shoes of the listener. To speak openly, frankly, to arrive at something that is good for both of you.

Speaking technical terms when selling, or focusing on prices or “closed” solutions will not generate the necessary empathy.

This is an example of how not to apply sales techniques. How not to generate empathy and, of course, how not to achieve the planned goals and objectives.

Learn to actively listen before “pushing” a proposal. That’s knowing how to sell over the phone in the right way.

4 – Have technology as an ally

Technology, an ally to the mission of how to sell by phone

Without technology, as a matter of fact, there is no way to sell over the phone.

To put the sales model into practice, it is necessary to provide the right ammunition for the entire sales force to work.

  • Marketing automation tool for lead generation and relationship with them;
  • Telephony or systems such as VoIP, Hangouts, Skype,, to demonstrate the solution to the potential customer;
  • A good sales system to record all the person’s interactions with the brand.

On the latter, a good Online CRM helps salespeople handle all opportunities within the pipeline.

Even more when it has integration with the telephone system (and WhatsApp), recording calls within each opportunity.

And with email templates, automatic actions, etc, it’s possible to know how to deliver customer value in the right timing.

This will greatly facilitate the time to close the sale via telephone and, consequently, will increase sales productivity.

5 – Don’t give up on leads that didn’t turn into customers

How to sell over the phone?

Even if the sale has not been sealed, the company cannot give up on the lead that was generated.

That’s where the one-two between marketing and sales needs to come into play – the so-called smarketing.

Set an SLA on the next steps – and rely on the sales software you use.

For example.

Let’s say the lead says that, for now, it doesn’t have the budget to hire what you sell.

Inside your CRM, freeze this opportunity. Then set up an alert to get in touch within 1 month.

During this time, talk to the marketing team.

What content can be sent to gradually convince the person to buy your product or service?

Continue to nurture that relationship with the customer. Empower it. Make it safe to, later on, be able to effectively make you a consumer of your brand.

So, how can we help you?

If you were unsure about how to sell over the phone and the role of technology in this role, talk to a consultant today.

Enjoy and read two articles that will help you in your quest to sell more and better.

The first talk provides some valuable trading techniques to apply in everyday life.

The second talks about how to apply rapport techniques when closing a sale.

Good sales!

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