Home automation, Volkswagen Shares: Forecasts, Quotes and Stock Performance

Home automation

In this article, I want to tell you about the most interesting updates on the performance of Volkswagen shares and the forecasts of the experts on the future of the car title.

What performances is the well-known German car manufacturer achieving? Is it worth buying its shares in 2021? What are the future scenarios that we should expect?

To find out more, continue reading the in-depth analysis that will be constantly updated with all the interesting news on the title.

Enjoy the reading.

Stock performance and forecasts for 2021

Let’s try to understand how an important company such as Volkswagen has reacted to this year of crisis, a company that needs no introduction and whose path we are well aware of is not without obstacles and scandals that have occurred in the past.

I am referring, in particular, to the case of rigged emissions which came under the spotlight a few years ago, which represented an important economic and image damage for the company.

However, the affair did not manage to compromise the future of Volkswagen and to bury the brand – thanks to the reputation acquired over time.

Today Volkswagen is among the world’s leading auto groups by a number of sales and market capitalization. Thanks to diversified production and the acquisition or participation in other major brands (Audi, Seat, Skoda, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, etc.), the company has managed to conquer a leadership role in Europe, in a sector that, for a long time, he has been suffering.

With the lockdown last spring, the transport sector was further penalized: yet the company managed to overcome this umpteenth crisis.

As can be seen from the graph above, the March gap has almost been closed. The price of Volkswagen shares is 150 euros – they have not returned to pre-Coved levels but the bullish strength of the brand is reconfirmed.

Is it worth buying Volkswagen shares or not?

The stock remains attractive over the long term, but the investment requires a careful analysis of the Group’s present and past activities, thanks to which it is possible to advance a forecast of a future direction.

Those who decide to invest in Volkswagen do so because they recognize the solidity of the group and believe in a historic and valuable brand, capable of continually renewing itself on the market and generating new profits.

One of the strengths of the company is in fact having diversified its activities and its products (cars, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, industrial vehicles, engines, etc.), trying to penetrate even more difficult markets such as the United States and China.

In times of falling demand for specific products, this strategy has proved successful. Indeed, Volkswagen has an important turnover in segments that resist all crises, such as the luxury car market in which it is present with the Bentley, Bugatti, and Lamborghini brands, and also in the motorsports sector.

The latest frontier for the Volkswagen Group is the development of electric mobility and autonomous driving. There are therefore good prospects for the growth and development of the brand.

However, I always remind those who read to me that investing only in a single stock is never a wise choice but it would always be better to diversify your investment portfolio as much as possible. Buying Volkswagen shares is not wrong, but diversification is better.

Where to buy the shares?

If your intentions are to buy Volkswagen shares but you don’t know how and where to buy them, in this paragraph I’ll briefly explain how you should do it. The possibilities you have at your disposal are essentially two:

  • Using your bank’s traditional channel – is the easiest way to buy stocks. All you need to do is open a securities deposit linked to your current account that allows you to invest in equities and other financial instruments. The disadvantage is that, in general, the bank charges very high fees that can completely cancel the investment gain;
  • Choose to invest with specialized online platforms – alternatively, to pay fewer commissions, you can use an authorized and specialized online platform that specializes in buying shares. By opening an online account, you can easily access the markets in a more intuitive and economical way.

Home automation is the term by which we generally mean the automation of the functions of a home. Thanks to it, it is possible to lead a more comfortable and safer home life. In recent years, many smart solutions for home management have been developed, favoring energy-saving and valid safety measures.

Home automation allows you to take advantage of greater comforts, allows you to save on electricity and gas bills and increase the efficiency of security and surveillance systems. These benefits have contributed to the development aimed at improving the quality of life in the home and in buildings.

Home automation is a solution capable of producing a substantial improvement in the performance generally offered by the systems present in all homes. A home automation system, unlike a normal domestic system, is able to coordinate the functions of several devices at the same time, giving life to a modern supervision circuit. The areas of application of home automation are many: from alarm management to lighting, up to energy management.

Table of contents

  • How home automation was born – Historical notes
  • Examples of Applications of a Smart Home – Smart House
  • Home automation: advantages
  • Home Automation = Energy Saving
  • How is a home automation system made and how does it work?
  • Cost of home automation and government incentives
  • Automatic Lighting Systems
  • Remote Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Multimedia home automation systems
  • Shutters and Curtains
  • Automated alarm system
  • Video intercom and telephony
  • Useful tips for choosing the best home automation system

How home automation was born – Historical notes

Before learning what the functions of home automation are, and what are its application areas, it is interesting to understand where this discipline comes from, and what its main objectives are. The principal idea was to return a technological system, able to offer comfort and safety to those who decided to implement such a system.

Read also the definition in the Wikipedia encyclopedia.

As early as 1900 they begin to come alive the first ideas in the home automation field, with the creation of the first multipole control devices of all regulatory systems present in most buildings. 50 years later, the first computerized electronic device for home use was created, which allowed the monitoring of the various electronic equipment inside a home.

From 1960 onwards, home automation has undergone considerable development, paving the way for the most popular futuristic technologies. The computerized house, capable of simultaneously responding to customer requests, represented a particularly significant turning point in the technology market. For this reason, today it is possible to define home automation as intelligent technology par excellence.

Examples of Applications of a Smart Home – Smart House

More and more buildings, condominiums, and single homes decide to take advantage of advanced systems. These techniques allow considerable energy savings and a substantial increase in the quality of home life. The benefits of living in a smart home are significant.
At the beginning, home automation applications covered only the management of simple systems, such as the irrigation system, or the security system of the entrance door. With the latest developments in the home automation sector, ultra-smart solutions are able to give individuals a comfort never seen before. Any system in your home can now be automated, starting from the kitchen stove, up to the lighting system.

Thanks to home automation systems it will be possible to manage practically and with a simple movement:

  • lighting system;
  • opening of doors and shutters;
  • the air conditioning system;
  • security systems;
  • irrigation;
  • the washing machine;
  • the dishwasher;
  • the fridge;

These are just some of the applications of home automation since it is a discipline that gradually finds more and more developments. Today it is possible, for example, to manage the lighting system of your apartment directly from your smartphone, or to activate the alarm system by setting a few simple commands. Such solutions are increasingly in demand and mark a real change in home management methods.

Home automation: advantages

When you are interested in a home automation system to be inserted inside your home, it is important to evaluate any advantages and disadvantages. According to the most recent market surveys, the home automation sector records a constant increase in the functionality of domestic systems, promising a comfortable and intelligent home.

But what are the benefits of a home automation system?

First of all, it must be considered that with the application of a smart system inside your home, you can boast of considerable energy saving in light and gas. In addition, it will be possible to manage any type of system through a centralized control system, thanks to which the functions of each system can be coordinated.

Home automation also allows you to manage the various systems from a considerable distance. Many devices are equipped with a wireless system; thanks to which it is possible to activate or deactivate the system by clicking on your mobile phone. Thanks to home automation, you can take advantage of fast and intelligent systems, able to respond to requests in a personalized way. The practicality with which it is possible to coordinate the activities of each system present in one’s home will make the use of similar solutions even more advantageous.

Home Automation = Energy Saving

In recent years there has been substantial growing interest in energy-saving issues. The topic of ecology and the use of renewable sources in various fields have become real trends in modern markets. The line of thought that is taking shape concerns the possible future implications of a world at the mercy of itself. The fear of being catapulted into an uncontrollable condition, where human beings have contributed to the disintegration of the planet through energy waste, arouses interest in systems aimed at saving energy.

Home automation ranks at the top of the list of possible solutions that can be applied to save energy. In this regard, I have already written another article on how to reduce waste at home. In this climate, automation is a real priority and home automation applications have the task of keeping the energy consumption level of a system stable, preventing the meter from exceeding the standard threshold.

How is a home automation system made and how does it work?

home automation home automation

Most home automation technologies are based on the state-of-the-art BUS system, capable of coordinating multiple functions simultaneously. This system is made in its hardware form by a double weave that allows to power all the systems and connects the information released by the single device. All the information produced by this modern circuit has a digital character.

Unlike a classic system, a smart system provides for the simultaneous management of several systems at the same time. Management is made possible thanks to a display that is used as a control center for the activity of each device. The main element necessary for the proper functioning of such a system is the control unit, which has the task of releasing more information at the same time. The latter will be subsequently converted into commands and transmitted through the BUS cable. In some cases, it is possible to connect this control circuit with your mobile devices (smartphone or smartwatch) or tablet. In this way, it is possible to coordinate the activity of each device and from any distance.

All the advantages produced by the adoption of a home automation system are activated thanks to different command modes. Voice control is also being developed and in some cases, it is possible to activate the lights thanks to a clap of the hands or simply by activating the motion sensors installed in each room.

Cost of home automation and government incentives

Often people are hesitant about automating the house because they are frightened by the possible huge price necessary for its application. The cost of a home automation system differs depending on various factors. It depends on the size of the house, the type of system to be installed, and the number of systems to be controlled.
A basic estimate for the installation of a home automation system in a room of about 100 square meters, is around 5000 euros. This is a relatively high cost when considering all the substantial long-term benefits that can be gained from adopting such a system.

With the installation of automatisms in some cases it is even possible to benefit from a 50% state incentive on the amount spent. In addition, you will have the additional possibility of boasting a reduced VAT of 10%. This is possible because home automation is recognized as a technology capable of promoting the responsible and convenient use of energy resources, avoiding waste.

Ultimately to the question is it convenient to install a home automation system? The answer is certainly yes.

Automatic Lighting Systems

A home automation system allows you to better manage the lighting of your home, in a fast and practical way. It allows you to freely choose the lighting times of the lights, the activation point of the lights, and the type of command with which to operate the system.

The most modern implications in the field of home automation, provide individuals with wireless systems, which can be connected to their smartphones, which allow them to manage the lighting of their home, even if they are on vacation or at work. All you have to do is connect your mobile device with the lighting system, and import the desired commands. In addition, remote-controlled automated lighting will give the home a more sophisticated and modern look, making the aesthetic appearance particularly cared for down to the smallest detail.

The basic technology in the home automation lighting sector is the DALI system, which favors total control of the lights inside the home, also making it possible to customize the controls for each light body. You can therefore increase and decrease the intensity or change the color of the light.

Remote Air Conditioning and Heating

Another application of home automation, allows you to better manage the home air conditioning system. With the central display, it will be possible to boast of a modern system, able to operate the air conditioning, at the preset temperature, at any time and from any distance. The heating or cooling systems of the house can be easily operated through the appropriate settings on your mobile device. In fact, many home automation systems can be managed comfortably through simple commands that can be operated from your tablet or smartphone. A perfect combination of energy-saving and home automation efficiency is given by the installation of photovoltaic and solar energy sources, which allow you to take advantage of a valid remote automation system, which limits energy waste to a minimum.

Some exammples of automated air conditioning

Thanks to an automated management system of the heating system, it will be possible to limit the use of the resource to the only moment when there is a need. In this way, the bills will be less expensive, and the security levels will be more efficient. A presence detector can only turn on the heating when someone is home. Digital thermometers in each room will regulate the temperature of each room. Probes heat the water for washing according to the external temperature detected by a digital thermometer.

Multimedia home automation systems

But home automation is not exclusively concerned with energy-saving and efficiency; thanks to an automated home system it is also possible to make your everyday life more enjoyable, thanks to stimulating sounds and images.

The multimedia systems work thanks to a centralized system that will transmit video and audio, making each room a stimulating laboratory. Thanks to special systems it will be possible to choose a specific moment in which to project the videos that you prefer most on special screens, and to listen to the most loved music. For example, by simply saying “Play Queen Music” you can listen to all their songs in the stereo system.

Interactivity and cross-media come together to create life from a highly designed system to restore comfort and relaxation in any situation.

Shutters and Curtains

The opening and closing function of the shutters can also be managed through a home automation system. The latter can be remotely controlled by simply pressing buttons from your iPhone or tablet. such a system works, however it is necessary that the rolling shutters are equipped with an automatic motor, which can be connected to the home automation system through the so-called BUS cables. If the automatic systems that support this system are of the latest generation, it can boast of some super-intelligent features; for example, with the sudden occurrence of a thunderstorm, the shutters will close automatically.

The opening and closing function of the shutters can also be managed through a home automation system. The latter can be remotely controlled by simply pressing buttons from your iPhone or tablet. such a system works, however it is necessary that the rolling shutters are equipped with an automatic motor, which can be connected to the home automation system through the so-called BUS cables. If the automatic systems that support this system are of the latest generation, it can boast of some super-intelligent features; for example, with the sudden occurrence of a thunderstorm, the shutters will close automatically.

Automated alarm system


It has been said that one of the advantages offered by the installation of automatic systems is the increase in safety inside homes. Thanks to the use of an automatic system, it is possible to boast considerable improvements in the control of any gas leaks, smoke escapes, or attempts by strangers to enter the home.

As regards the last case, in recent times special anti-intrusion systems have been put in place, such as to allow complete control of the entire perimeter of the house. This system can also be monitored remotely, thanks to an accurate system installed on your mobile devices, which will activate a powerful alarm when the sensors in charge register suspicious movements.

Special home automation alarm systems will allow you to be informed simultaneously about any gas leaks, or situations that could jeopardize the safety of the passenger compartment.

Video intercom and telephony

The last frontier of home automation is video intercom and telephony. Thanks to this special integrated system, it is possible to boast of a system capable of recording messages and videos when no one is present at home. It will be possible to receive simultaneous sums of the sudden arrival of guests. Thanks to the technologies it is possible to answer the intercom through applications on your mobile device; using the touch screen, and the screen as a “window to the outside”. This is a particularly popular system in most modern and smart homes.

Fans of smart solutions decide to install modern solutions inside their homes, so as to make all the classic domestic functions incredibly sophisticated. More and more buyers are making choices in the various fields of home automation, recording significant benefits from the use of similar automated systems.

Useful tips for choosing the best home automation system

There are several factors to consider when preparing to purchase such a plant. First of all, there is the budget available; different solutions are available on the market, each conditioned by more or less high prices. With limited budgets, it is advisable to choose “proprietary protocol” systems and follow the directives of a valid system integrator. Another factor to evaluate is the size of your home, and then you have to consider which functions you want to implement inside the passenger compartment.

The aesthetic factor

A final factor that should not be underestimated is the aesthetic aspect of the final product. It often happens that the implementation of such devices weighs down the external appearance of a home, making it excessively modern by limiting the welcoming character that any room should have. This is why it is important to choose the latest generation home automation systems, which contribute to the home a refined and delicate appearance.

The keypads must be simple to use and must possess a minimal and sophisticated design. A series of factors, therefore, contribute to the choice of the most suitable home automation system for one’s needs, each of which assumes certain importance in the final project.

Ultimately, it is known how important it is to carefully analyze every single variable, in order to be sure to install a home automation system that is well suited to your specific needs.

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