Customer experience: how to build your company?

Customer experience

How to build customer experience?


  1. First of all: what is the customer experience?
    • The sale will always be a consequence
  2. Customer experience demands attention to detail
  3. Strategies to improve the customer experience at all times
    • Watch the numbers
    • Technology to streamline actions
    • Attention to processes
    • Anticipate your consumers’ problems and needs
    • Customer experience continues and is strengthened after the sale

Customer experience is the sum of all interactions a company has with a consumer. These touchpoints will define whether or not it makes sense to purchase or whether or not it makes sense to continue consuming the brand. Therefore, some strategies are essential on a daily basis.

The customer is and always needs to be the focus of any strategy and action within the company. Why do A – not B.

Prioritizing your pains, needs and challenges gives any business a competitive advantage to be able to attract, delight, and retain more consumers.

The customer experience is essential, therefore, for these 3 steps and many others when we think about the journey that the consumer takes to define the purchase.

It is up to companies to deliver value, customize approaches and show that that product or service offered really makes sense.

Today’s article focuses on how to deliver a true customer experience.

How to direct efforts and resources and move the prospect through the pipeline steps to the “yes” to the offer.

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First of all: what is the customer experience?

Customer experience – also called Customer Experience , refers to all contacts a customer has with the brand during the purchase journey.

It doesn’t just refer to the approaches taken in the sales funnel . It’s quite wrong to think that it’s just focused on a lead that’s already qualified.

It is necessary to take a step back and think from the first conversion he makes, responding to a marketing strategy, for example, downloading rich material.

At this point, it is essential to understand that what will make the customer stay with the company – or choose it over the competition – is the customer experience.

And not just a promotion, a discount coupon, or a special condition.

It might even work at first. But it will not guarantee the retention of this customer in any way. And churn nobody to take, is not it?

The sale will always be a consequence

Therefore, from the first conversion, it is essential to deliver value to the lead. What does that mean?

Feed him, at every contact, with good content that educates him, that shows him a clearer picture of what he has and needs.

As he consumes this content (marketing automation platforms can measure this), provide more in-depth materials.

There is no way a good customer experience will speak immediately about how awesome your product or service is.

As good as they may be, consumers want and need to feel welcomed.

Knowing that there is someone there for him, to help him better understand even his pains – which are not always clear.

This will lead a prospect much more aware and confident about the company and themselves to buy.

And after he buys, of course, you have to keep the pattern. That is, to continue reinforcing this personalized experience and always focusing on solving the challenges that the consumer has.

Customer experience demands attention to detail

Every step of each of the company’s existing funnel types is an opportunity to optimize the customer experience.

No wonder, according to a survey , 88% of potential customers start to judge a company even before having a first direct contact with it.

And it’s critical that companies strike a balance between the expectations they create with each opportunity versus the customer’s needs and pains.

Without meeting the challenges that consumers have, it will not be possible to move towards any negotiation.

At the same time, giving in to everything a customer asks for may not make sense for the company.

Also because, according to another study, 51% of customers do not intend to do business with a company that provided them with a negative experience.

At every stage of the buying journey, there are hundreds of potential customer interactions – and ways to go about them.

With the right strategies and tools, you can lead the potential customer to the “win” stage of the pipeline.

A good strategy should not only focus on attracting new customers. It is necessary to keep those who are already in the company.

Customer retention is an important part of the customer lifecycle. Something fundamental and that deserves attention.

After all, it costs 5x less to sell to someone who already consumes you (using cross sell or up sell strategies ) than to sell to a new one.

Strategies to improve the customer experience at all times

Whether to acquire customers or to retain them, we need to put into practice some strategies that we will share with you from now on.

Watch the numbers

The customer experience depends on a strong sales culture and CRM culture .

Therefore, keep your teams aware of indicators, pains and patterns that are repeated.

This will direct the content that will be delivered to potential customers and also the speech with the prospect.

One that has much more value and is actually consultative and didactic.

Technology to streamline actions

Technology is essential to not only streamline actions and steps, but also validate if they make sense.

All content delivery by marketing, for example, needs to be in a feed flow within an automation platform.

And the numbers need to be checked to understand if this content is being opened and consumed.

If not, is it really contributing to a positive customer experience?

The same goes for when the lead is with the sales team, putting in place a CRM strategy that makes sense.

At each stage, with content, emails and links that really help the prospect to evolve.

Pay attention to conversion rates. If there is stagnation at some stage, perhaps the approach is not so good.

Attention to processes

Having designed the purchase journey , it is essential to understand that each stage is a moment of learning and maturation.

So, at every stage, it is necessary to offer something that makes the customer evolve in their knowledge and needs and want to move on to the next one.

Good content is critical; testimonials and cases; researches.

In short, everything that helps the prospect see their context, their problems and want to understand the best solution for them.

Anticipate your consumers’ problems and needs

Generating value for the customer is, especially, anticipating the pains and challenges he has before he communicates them to the company.

It is showing a great opportunity that this potential consumer has not yet identified.

This, of course, will only be possible with the use of technology. With the analysis of the ideal client profile (ICP) and having the predictable pains already mapped.

It’s something that will demonstrate that the company is customer-focused. On challenges and ways to overcome them.

Customer experience continues and is strengthened after the sale

Your customer relationship doesn’t stop when they sign a contract. Think about the touch points you have after the sale.

Such as:

  • Sending a weekly newsletter with contents that continue showing the value of the purchased product;
  • Customer service value interactions by the support team or customer success;
  • loyalty programs;
  • Customer satisfaction surveys – such as NPS ;
  • Cross selling and up selling approaches to provide an even more complete experience;
  • Exclusive advantages such as releasing new features in advance;
  • Exclusive courses and training, among others.

Your customer is valuable and deserves a continuous, positive experience. Appreciate it before appreciating those who haven’t even shown any real interest in you.

So, how can we help you?

If you have questions or want to know how CRM optimizes your customer experience: TALK TO A CONSULTANT .

Enjoy and read two articles that will help your team to gain even more loyal customers.

The first one talks about what it is and how to apply the Customer First strategy .

The second addresses effective actions to ensure the customer’s success with the brand.

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