Branding: what it is and how it helps companies convert more customers




  1. OK! But what is branding really?
  2. Let’s think about the sales funnel?
  3. Attraction
  4. Conversion
  5. Relationship
  6. Sale
  7. Retention
  8. Branding is being true to the essence of your business

Is branding as a solution to conversion issues between steps in the sales funnel new to you?

Using this intelligence to deal with these bottlenecks and thus help your sales process is unthinkable for your company’s current model?

Well know that applying all this is nothing far from reality. In this article, learn how branding can be used so that companies can sell more and better, without losing business opportunities.

  • OK! But what is branding really?
  • Let’s think about the sales funnel?
  • Attraction
  • Conversion
  • Relationship
  • Sale
  • Retention
  • Branding is being true to the essence of your business

Good reading!

OK! But what is branding really?

Okay, let’s go in parts. Before we go into it, it’s important to define what branding is. I particularly like to see it as a strategic management model.

Yes, it fits the entire company. Serves for the commercial area, marketing. To all… ah! I won’t spoil it.

Take a look at the video and I explain it a little better. It’s quick, I promise:

Let’s think about the sales funnel?

There is no such thing as a perfect or ideal sales funnel. But, if I were to think of one for any business, I would think of the one that looks least like a funnel (it got weird, right?).

I explain.

The truth is that you must always look for high conversion rates between steps in the funnel. Also because, if we narrow it down too much, it is logical that fewer customers will successfully reach the end of their shopping journey.

While you can understand, or even be sure, that your sales process is oiled, there are always steps that can be improved.

And that’s where branding comes into play.

Branding is a step prior to any action within a commercial flow and even before marketing strategies are created.

He is the one who directs the delivery of ideal value to the best audience and helps the sales team who, together with their skills and their knowledge of snipers, will be able to greatly increase conversion and stay one step ahead of the market.

Want to see how this works step by step? Let’s make it easy.


Job To Be Done. In free translation, “the work to be done”. This theory, known as JTBD, was developed at the Harvard Business School by Prof. Clayton M. Christensen and it’s about finding out exactly what job you’re being hired to do.

It is quite difficult to make your company be perceived as the solution to the customer’s pain. This does not happen because of incompetence, but generally because we are focused on the product or operation and do not see the opportunities that the market shows us. Knowing exactly what is being solved is one of the paths that govern the success and constant process of innovation of any business.

You have to get up and leave the office. Get to work!

Some important points:

Shooting everywhere doesn’t generate high conversion rates;
Try to better understand the customer by analyzing behaviors and trends;
Study well the solution your company sells and how it helps customers’ pain.

In this way, both the marketing and product teams will have, in their hands, both the speech and the ideal material to show that, yes, you are a very relevant option to solve the problem that the company needs to have solved.


Okay. You showed up as the ideal solution, the customer realized this and wants to approach you to understand it better. This is the moment he wants to be sure that what you are communicating is true. If you can really handle that unwanted pain.

One of the main purposes of branding is that companies are able to communicate clearly and objectively.

After all, that’s the heart of the whole thing. You need to show that you are more than a service provider or someone who has a nice product for sale, but a partner who understands your customer’s problem and has the ideal and fair solution to solve it.

It is to add value to the customer from the first contact between them.

People feel more comfortable with what they believe than what is imposed on them, right?

This is the logic that takes us to the next step in the funnel.


If the step is called “relationship”, then it’s only fair to think of it as it really is.

After all, as in a personal relationship, people will certainly want to make sure of everything to avoid surprises. It’s wise not to make an important decision for your lives – or that of your companies – without being sure what you’re doing, isn’t it?

Let’s see an example where it is possible to add value to the customer?

Rather than saying that the page load on the site you sell is fast (fastest ever!), say that the site makes productivity go up. Say that the user will have more time for other activities, because he won’t need to wait a long time for the site to load.

Simple, right?

By doing this, you make it clear that a seemingly common feature of your product is actually an important customer solution. After all, your company was concerned with optimizing people’s work time and that counts for many points.


Yes, branding will help you finally convert so much hard work into sales. In the end, it all comes down to numbers. After all, this is what your company needs to grow and be more and more a reference in what it does, right?

What to say, how to say, when to put a certain phrase, what tone to use, to play a joke or not to do it… yes, this is the job of branding, taking care of all points of contact and equipping the commercial teams to make a speech yet more assertive when selling.

In this way, whoever is selling will have a posture that is much more aligned with what your company really is.

Everything there, at that moment, will have been designed so that there is value generated all the time.


Promise and keep, to earn the right to promise and keep again.

Branding is about a promise. And, in the end, it’s good that you can fulfill it, maintaining a long-lasting and healthy relationship with the person who trusted you and bought your solution.

Within this thought, the customer success work is essential so that it is possible to work on other important points of sale, such as up-sell, cross-sell, re-sell, implementation of improvements, promoting a culture of innovation and much more.

More than that, you should seek that this and any other customer is a brand promoter – that he tells others how much you have resolved their pain and that, yes, he recommends the purchase.

Thus, with satisfied customers and insights generated by those on the other end of the line, the trend is for the sales process to improve even more at all stages of the sales funnel, increasing conversion and expanding the exit area of the funnel.

Branding is being true to the essence of your business

If you arrived here, you already have a clearer idea of ​​what branding is and how it acts within companies and how important it is to provide unity within your business.

That’s it. Branding is a management model that helps all employees, managers, suppliers and partners to relate to each other with mutual respect, knowing the limits and values ​​involved in this relationship.

It is branding that makes the brand itself a very important asset of any business.

And for that to happen, no extreme revolution is needed, such as changing the graphic identity, the name, the headquarters or trying to force modernization at all costs in the “adapt or die” style.

So, let’s talk?

Enjoy and read the article that talks about how to win and retain prospects into satisfied and happy customers using branding.

Big hug!

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