Privacy policy


UAB TeleSoftas (or TeleSoftas) have developed HandyWi software to enable effortless connectivity to WiFi hotspots all over the world and deliver location based information (media) which is most likely interesting to you. In order to do that we may request some information from you and automatically collect other information about your usage of our service. This information allows us to offer best service possible to our customers. However, TeleSoftas is recognizing the importance of personal privacy and set the rules how this information is handled.

What kind of information may be collected

  • Personal Attributes and Interests. We may ask for your gender, age/date of birth, country, and your personal preferences. We use this information to learn about our users and to apply this knowledge to improve the service.
  • Unique identifier of your handset, this indetification is internal to HandyWi Software and used to identify the handset using our service.
  • Information on viewed web pages, downloaded application and advertisements accessed over our HandyWi Software. This information is used for the same purposes as described in the above section (Personal Attributes and Interests).
  • Information regarding Internet connection and specific networking hardware (including GSM/UMTS gateways and base stations) you are using to connect to our servers. This include but is not limited to IP addresses, host names and MAC addresses.
  • We may ask you to submit information related to your current location, geographical coordinates or street address, city, country etc. You can always forbid sending this information when using HandyWi Software.
  • Landmarks stored on the phone. You have the right not to share this information.

Information security

We take a number of precautions to keep your personal information secure from unauthorized access, such as industry standard encrypted transmission between your handset and our servers and internal corporate policies to limit access to systems that store your personal information. We continue to store your personal information for so long as it is necessary to provide you our service and periodically destroy old personal information in accordance with our company policies, including when it is no longer essential to our ability to offer you the same high quality service. In most cases, we will keep one archival copy of your information to allow us to comply with laws or respond to legal processes.

Sharing of your Information with Others

TeleSoftas will never sell or rent your email address or any of your personal information! Unless we get your explicit approval in advance, we will only share your personal information in case of:

  • keep you updated, respond to, confirm or fulfill your requests, and notify you of service issues and unusual account actions;
  • protect personal safety;
  • comply with laws or respond to legal processes;
  • allow for a change of ownership of HandyWi and associated transfer of all personal information to the new owner of HandyWi, in which case your information still remains protected under this Privacy Policy;
  • allow third party suppliers, vendors, contractors and other parties to provide products and services to us or otherwise act on our behalf (this may include, without limitation, us authorizing such third parties to email our users regarding updates, surveys and other inquiries regarding their experience with the HandyWi Software and service);
  • allow for audits, and surveys to, among other things, validate the size and composition of the target audience, and understand its experience with the HandyWi Software and service. This may require, among other things, disclosing your viewing history and/or disclosing records showing which online information was viewed by which users or IP addresses.

We will also share statistical and demographic information about our users and their use of the HandyWi Software with suppliers of advertisements and programming. This would not include anything that could be used to identify you or to discover individual information about you.

Amendments to this policy

UAB TeleSoftas will place a notice on HandyWi web site when any significant changes are made to this privacy policy.

Your feedback

It is extremely important to us that your privacy is treated with the utmost respect. If you have any concerns, questions, or ideas on how we can improve our service, please let us know by emailing