HandyWi - Connection manager

HandyWi Connection Manager helps you find and connect to any WLAN 802.11a/b/c/g hotspot including WISPr enabled public WiFi networks like FON, BTOpenzone, The Cloud, Golden WiFi, Orange, AT&T, Japan Telecom, KPN and many others.
Connection manager features
  • Full support for secure and public WiFi hotspots
  • Support for more than 100 WISPr enabled Wi-Fi networks
  • Comes in eight different languages Arabic, German, Russian, French, Lithuanian, Italian, Dutch and Polish
  • Fallback to 3G in case WiFi is not available
  • Automatic WLAN discovery and connection
  • Configurable sound alert when WiFi hotspots are nearby
  • Account management for WISPr enabled WiFi networks, FON, BTOpenzone and others

Using HandyWi Connection manager

Using HandyWi is extremely easy, you do not have to activate application or register it, just install, connect and use.

This video shows how you can connect to open WiFi network, in our case it's called AirPort Express.

Start HandyWi and wait till you see all available WiFi access points, check which one is open or secure. Secure hotspots have a lock icon and will most likely ask you for a key to connect.

In case you want to refresh a list of available WiFi access points hit Options->Search.

Open public WiFi spots normally do not need a key, so you can press Options->Connect, after a few seconds HandyWi Landing page will show up, this means you are connected to WiFi!

You can start browsing internet, chat over VoIP, upload your Landmarks and do many others things! Once you finished hit Options->Disconnect to disconnect from this WiFi network.

For more use cases check our FAQ section.