How it works

Since version v2.0 HandyWi became not just an advanced connection manager, but a platform which hosts other applications or mini-apps. After you connected to WiFi or 3G using HandyWi you will see an additional navigation tab called Apps. which will show mini-apps available to you (see pictures below).
HandyWi Connected HandyWi Landmarks
To explain better how HandyWi works, we separated all features into two blocks, one is for the Connection manager and the other is for our first mini-app called Landmarks.

Connection manager

HandyWi Connection manager helps you find and connect to WiFi access points both public and private.
Key features:
  • Find public and secure WiFi access points automatically or manually
  • Connect to any WLAN 802.11a/b/c/g hotspot including WISPr enabled public WiFi networks
  • Fallback to 3G in case WiFi is not available


Never miss a place again! Store all your favorite places on and watch them online on your desktop.
Key features:
  • Backup & Restore for Landmarks
  • Watch your landmarks online using Google Maps or Google Earth
  • Find places on your computer and transfer them to your phone in just a few seconds!